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Help against aggro players Empty Help against aggro players

Post by sherlok11 on Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:41 am

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Well, here is what happened yesterday when I tried to bluff:

#1: On the flop, all cards were spades. I didn't have anything but was pretty sure the villian didn't have flush. So I went all in but he eventually called after almost a min worth of hesitation. It turn out that he had 2 QQs but one of his queens was a spade. He did type in the chat box that it was a good move but he wanted to gamble.

#2: again, I didn't have anything but went all in and villian called and all he had was a 2nd top pair. I was like I would never do that.

#3: went all in on a drawy board and there was alot of money in the pot. He called and he had AAs. again, I could've easily had straight.

I'm under the impression that anyone with aggressive factor of more than 45% is just incapable of folding. They just seem to want to gamble and very greedy in nature.

What is the best way to deal with them? Should I just make a big bet next time and then fold if they call and bet?


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