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Post by Benjamin02 on Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:55 pm

In Annie Duke's book she lays out the following situation:

-You Have T-T UTG and make it 3x

-There are 3 bets in the pot plus the 2 that you will put in because you are 100% playing the hand for a total of 5 chips. You want to put in 4 additional chips as a raise.

-So, you are betting 4 chips to win 5

-The pot is laying you 5-to-4 odds on your raise.

-In order to show a profit at this price, you’d need to win 45% more often by raising than by calling.

My question is: How does she figure the 45% amount? And how would you mathematically figure out your equity here in relation to that 45%?



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